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Tri-ang Minic Ships Limited produces an affordable, high quality range of realistic and accurate waterline ship models comprising –

Merchant ships Cargo ships, Container ships, Oil Tankers & Bulk Carriers
Harbour vessels Tugs, Barges, Floating Cranes, Pilot Boats, Lightships & Emergency Services craft
Royal Navy ships Aircraft Carriers, Landing Ships, Destroyers, Frigates & Submarines
US Navy ships Aircraft Carriers, Destroyers, Frigates & Submarines

The ship models are complemented by our range of original harbour accessory models and container cranes which can be used to create an endless range of realistic harbour dioramas or layouts for play or display.

Our models are designed to a standard 1:1200 scale scale with moveable fittings and injection moulded plastic accessories. The ship models are painted with authentic livery and funnel colours complete with hand painted highlights and appropriate screen printed markings.

Precision diecast in durable metal for a realistic weight and feel the original ships are faithfully reproduced in finest detail right down to the anchors, lifeboats, portholes and deck equipment.

All the models are constructed from a non-toxic Zinc / Aluminium alloy known as Mazak or Zamac with accessories made from ABS or PP plastic. The baked finish, highlights and screen printed markings are all lead free non-toxic paint.

All of the products have undergone the required UK and EEC testing as toys and are certified to carry the mark.