M 720 - RMS Aragon

RMS Aragon - M720

Photograph courtesy of Chris Cawte

This is the Tri-ang Minic Ships model of RMS Aragon one of Royal Mail Lines three (3) vessel "A" Class which were all built by Harland & Wolff of Belfast to operate the South American mail service which Royal Mail Lines commenced under Royal Charter in 1842.

These ships were passenger / cargo vessels designed specifically for the United Kingdom to South American service with a capacity of some 500 passengers and 5000 tons of mainly refrigerated cargo. They were the last ships built for the Royal Mail Line and were all transferred to the Shaw Savill Line in the late 1960's when Royal Mail Lines made a decision to end the South American service.

Tri-ang Minic produced identical models of the three "A" Class Royal Mail ships RMS Amazon, RMS Aragon, and RMS Aralanza which are distinguished only by the model number and name marked on the underside.


Owner: Royal Mail Lines
Builder: Harland & Wolff, Belfast
Launched: 20th October 1959
Displacement: 20368 tons
Length (OA): 584 ft ( 178 m )
Beam: 78 ft 3 in ( 23.8 m )
Draft: 28 ft 10 in ( 8.8 m )
Propulsion: Two 6 cylinder 2 stroke single acting opposed piston engines, Burmeister & Wain self cleaning turbines with Napier superchargers, 2 shafts, 17,000 bhp
Maximum Speed: 18 Knots
Passenger Accommodation: 107 - 1st Class
82 - Cabin Class
275 - 3rd Class
Disposal / Demise: 1968 sold to Shaw Savill & Albion, renamed Aranda
November 1981 broken up at Kaosiung

Royal Mail Line Advertisement - 1962

Royal Mail Lines Advertisement from 1962 - Courtesy of Lester May

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