M 709 - RMS Ivernia

RMS Ivernia - M709

This is the Tri-ang Minic Ships model of RMS Ivernia one of Cunard's four (4) vessel "Saxonia" Class which were designed and built by John Brown & Company to service the St Lawrence Route to Quebec and Montreal replacing all of Cunard's old pre-Second World War vessels such as Scythia, Samaria, and Ascania.

These ships were large passenger / cargo vessels rather than pure passenger ships and were designed with only two classes of accommodation, a small First Class and a large much improved Tourist Class. This design reflected the perceived changes in demand for sea travel with first class trade increasingly travelling by air but tourist class trade appearing to have a promising future.

The maximum dimensions of these vessels was governed by the restrictions of the St Lawrence Seaway which they had to traverse for nearly 1000 miles to reach their final port of Montreal.

During summer months RMS Ivernia and RMS Saxonia sailed on the Southampton, Le Havre, Cobh, Quebec, Montreal route while in the winter, when the St Lawrence Seaway is ice bound, they would sail on the Southampton, Le Havre, Cobh, Halifax, New York route.

By the early 1960's passenger and cargo demand was dwindling and as the numbers became worse Cunard asked John Brown & Company to convert RMS Ivernia and RMS Saxonia for Caribbean cruising.

The conversion involved the installation of private facilities in all Tourist Class cabins and the replacement of the aft cargo space by a lido deck with verandahs, umbrellas, lounge chairs and a kidney shaped swimming pool.

The two ships were initially re-painted in the same green livery as RMS Caronia and were renamed RMS Franconia and RMS Carmania respectively.

Tri-ang Minic produced identical models of the four "Saxonia" Class ships RMS Saxonia, RMS Ivernia, RMS Sylvania and RMS Carinthia which are distinguished only by the model number and name marked on the underside.


Owner: Cunard White Star Line
Builder: John Brown & Co., Glasgow
Launched: 14th December 1954
Displacement: 21717 tons
Length (OA): 608 ft 4 in ( 185.4 m )
Beam: 80 ft 4 in ( 24.5 m )
Propulsion: 4 boilers, 2  x 2 double reduction geared turbines, 2 shafts, 24,500 bhp
Maximum Speed: 20 Knots
Crew: 457
Passenger Accommodation: 125 - 1st Class
800 - Tourist Class
Disposal / Demise: 1962 converted for cruising and renamed RMS Franconia

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