M 751 - HMS Bulwark

Tri-ang Minic Ships - M751 HMS Bulwark

Hornby Minic Ships - M 751 HMS Bulwark HK Model

This is the Tri-ang Minic Ships model of HMS Bulwark one of a class of four Light Fleet Carriers laid down at the end of the Second World War and commissioned during the 1950's.

Tri-ang Minic produced identical models of HMS Bulwark, HMS Centaur and HMS Albion. The model of HMS Bulwark is distinguished by the model number and name marked on the underside and the deck code 'B'.

The actual HMS Bulwark was completed with a 5.75 degree angled flight deck. It was converted into a "Commando Carrier" between January 1959 and January 1960 when all the equipment for operating fixed wing aircraft was removed.

As a "Commando Carrier" HMS Bulwark could operate up to 30 helicopters, primarily Wessex and Whirlwinds, and had capacity for 800 Royal Marine Commandos together with all their associated vehicles and equipment.

The Hong Kong model produced by Hornby under the Minic Ships name has three plastic aircraft on the deck and a red plastic bottom fitted with two plastic rollers.


Builder: Harland & Wolff, Belfast
Laid Down: 10th May 1945
Launched: 22nd June 1948
Commissioned: 4th November 1954
Displacement: 27,800 tons Full Load
Length (OA): 650 ft ( 198 m )
Beam: 123 ft ( 37.5 m )
Draft: 27 ft 8 in ( 8.4 m )
Armament: 2 Sextuplet, 8 Twin and 4 Single 40 mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns
Protection (Armour): 1" - 2" over decks, magazines and machinery spaces - minimal other armour
Propulsion: 4 Admiralty 3 drum boilers, 2 Parsons single reduction geared turbines, 2 shafts, 78,000 shp
Maximum Speed: 28.5 knots


1596 including the Air Group
1800 including Air Group and 800 troops after conversion
Flight Deck Dimensions: 733 ft ( 223.4 m ) by 84 ft ( 25.6 m )
Aircraft: 42 Fixed Wing aircraft WWII era
30 helicopters after conversion
Disposal: 17th  April 1984 scrapped at Cairn Ryan

Photograph courtesy of Andrew Toppan at Haze Gray & Underway

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