M 741 - HMS Vanguard

Tri-ang Minic Ships - M 741 HMS Vanguard

Hornby Minic Ships - M 741 HMS Vanguard

This is the Tri-ang Minic Ships model of HMS Vanguard, the last and most powerful British battleship ever built, which was laid down during the Second World War but was not completed and commissioned until 1946.

HMS Vanguard's main armament comprised eight 15 inch guns in four turrets, two forward and two aft, which were left over from HMS Glorious and HMS Courageous after they were both converted to aircraft carriers during construction.

She was unique in being the only British battleship fitted with remote control for both main and secondary guns as well as being the only British battleship never to fire her guns in anger.

The Hong Kong model produced by Hornby under the Minic Ships name has a red plastic bottom fitted with two plastic rollers in common with all the Hong Kong models.


Builder: John Brown, Clydebank
Laid Down: 2nd October 1941
Launched: 30th November 1944
Commissioned: 9th August 1946
Displacement: 48500 tons Full Load
Length (OA): 814 ft 6 in ( 249.0 m )
Beam: 107 ft 7 in ( 32.8 m )
Draft: 30 ft 6 in ( 9.3 m )
Armament: 8 x 15" main guns in four turrets - 2 foreward & 2 aft
16 x 5.25" dual purpose guns in eight turrets - 4 port & 4 starboard
73 x 40 mm Bofors anti-aircraft guns
Protection (Armour): 13" - 14" armour belt, 4" - 12" bulkheads, 5" - 6" deck, 6" - 13" turrets, 11" - 13" barbettes
Propulsion: 8 Admiralty 3 drum boilers, 4 Parsons single reduction geared turbines, 4 shafts, 130,000 shp
Maximum Speed: 29.75 knots
Complement: 1590 - 2000
Disposal: 9th August 1960 scrapped at Faslane

Photograph courtesy of Shirley North at HMS Vanguard - The Life and Times Of the Last Battleship of the Royal Navy

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