M 836 - Quay Straights


Length Width Weight Packaging
3.9 in (9.90 cm) 2.0 in (5.08 cm) 61.0 gm (2.15 oz) Blister Card

The M 836 Quay Straights, which come in packs of three (3) pieces, are re-issues of the original Tri-ang Minic Ships models and are fully compatible with all of the original harbour accessories.

Quay Straights are the main components for constructing a harbour diorama. They are joined in to sections by means of the two connecting rings on one end which fit over the pins on the other three sides.

There are eight locating lugs on the top of the quay straight which are used to align various other harbour components such as the M 837 Crane Unit, M 838 Storage Tank, M 839 Customs Shed, and M 840 Warehouse, as well as the original M 841 Ocean Terminal, M 843 Ocean Terminal Extension, M 845 Bridge Ramps, and M 853 Factory Building.

The models are marked on the underside with the Tri-ang Minic logo, the model number, the description "Quay Straight" and are identified as "Classic Edition" in order to distinguish them from the original 1960's castings.