M 840 - Warehouse


Length Width Weight Packaging
1.93 in (4.9 cm) 0.92 in (2.34 cm) 21.0 gm (0.74 oz) Blister Card

The M 840 Warehouses, which come in packs of two (2) pieces , are re-issues of the original Tri-ang Minic Ships models and are fully compatible with all of the original harbour accessories.

Warehouses are common harbour accessories which are placed on M 836 Quay Straights as part of a harbour diorama.

There are four locating holes on the underside which fit over the locating lugs on the M 836 Quay Straight.

The models are marked on the underside with the Tri-ang Minic logo, the model number, the description "Warehouse" and are identified as "Classic Edition" in order to distinguish them from the original 1960's castings.