S 827 - Breakwater Set


Length Width Total Weight Packaging
Various Various 211.0 gm (7.45 oz) Blister Card

The models in the Breakwater Set are re-issues of the original Tri-ang Minic Ships models and are fully compatible with all of the original harbour accessories.

The Breakwater Set contains four (4) M 827 Breakwater Straights, two (2) M 828R Breakwater Angles - Right, two (2) M 828L Breakwater Angles - Left, two (2) M 829 Breakwater Ends, one (1) M 878 Lighthouse, and two (2) M 882 Beacons / Channel Markers.

Each of the breakwater parts have connecting rings and connecting lugs to enable them to be joined to each other and to the Quay Straights to form the outer harbour wall of a harbour diorama..

The Lighthouse and Beacons have locating pins at the bottom which allow them to be placed in the locating holes on Breakwater End pieces.

Each of the models is marked on the underside with the Tri-ang Minic logo, the model number, and the appropriate description. They are identified as "Classic Edition" in order to distinguish them from the original 1960's castings.