P 612 - Maersk Lines

Length Height Weight Packaging
5.61 in (14.3 cm) 0.88 in (2.23 cm) 69 gm (2.45 oz) Window Box

This is the Tri-ang Minic Ships model of a Maersk Line general cargo ship of the 1950's / 1970's similar to close sister ships MV Effie Maersk and MV Sally Maersk built at Maersk's Odense Steel Shipyard, Odense, Denmark in 1954 / 55.

The casting is a C4-S-1a Mariner Class break bulk cargo ship designed and built in the early 1950's as a replacement for World War II era Liberty / Victory ships.

The model is marked on the underside with the Tri-ang Minic logo, "Modern Edition", model number P 610, and the description "Mariner Class Cargo Ship".

MV Sally Maersk - 1973
Photograph courtesy of Mr Karsten Petersen


Name: MV Sally Maersk
MV Effie Maersk
IMO 5307893
IMO 5097955
Owner: Maersk Line
Builders: Odense Steel Shipyard AS, Odense, Denmark - Yard No. 125
Odense Steel Shipyard AS, Odense, Denmark - Yard No. 131
Launched: MV Sally Maersk - 12 March 1954
MV Effie Maersk - 25 June 1955
Displacement: 9,750 deadweight tons (as built)
10,880 deadweight tons - after lengthening 1966
Length (OA): 497 ft ( 151.5 m ) as built
539 ft ( 164.3 m ) after lengthening 1966
Beam: 64 ft ( 19.5 m )
Propulsion: Burmeister & Wain diesel engine generating 11,900 hp driving a
single shaft / screw
Maximum Speed: 18 knots
Cargo Capacity:  
History: 1966 - Lengthened from 497 ft (151.5 m) to 539 ft (164.3 m)
Disposal: MV Sally Maersk - August 1978 scrapped Shanghai, China
MV Effie Maersk - April 1979 scrapped Kaohsiung, Taiwan

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