P700 RN Invincible Class Carrier

HMS Invincible R-05, HMS Illustrious R-06, HMS Ark Royal R-07

HMS Invincible

HMS Illustrious

HMS Ark Royal
Length Height Weight Packaging
6.85 in (17.4 cm) 1.5 in (3.8 cm) 130 gm (4.6 oz) Window Box

These are the Tri-ang Minic Ships models of the Invincible Class Carriers which were commissioned by the Royal Navy in the early 1980's.

Tri-ang Minic Ships produces individual models of all three Invincible Class Carriers – HMS Invincible R05, HMS Illustrious R06, and HMS Ark Royal R07 – complete with appropriate Pennant Numbers, Flight Deck markings and Deck Codes.

These ships were originally intended to be escort carriers to complement the CVA Fleet Carrier being planned in the 1960's however, after the fleet carrier replacement was cancelled, the design of these ships was modified initially to provide a "through deck" helicopter cruiser and finally a small aircraft carrier utilising the Sea Harrier.

The need for aircraft carriers was the subject of political controversy in the 1970's and 1980's and these ships were always in danger of being mothballed. In fact the sale of HMS Invincible to Australia was only cancelled because of the Falklands War which proved the requirement for ships of this type.

All of these ships are fitted with an angled "ski jump" to enable the Harrier aircraft to take off with a full load of fuel and ammunition. The first two ships, HMS Invincible and HMS Illustrious, were built with 7 ski jumps, which was increased to 13 during subsequent refits, while HMS Ark Royal was built with a 12 ski jump.

The models are marked on the underside with the Tri-ang Minic logo, the model number P 700, "Royal Navy Modern Edition", and the description "Invincible Class Carrier".


Ships in Class: R 05 HMS Invincible
R 06 HMS Illustrious
R 07 HMS Ark Royal
Builders:: Vickers Shipbuilding & Engineering, Barrow-in-Furness
Swan Hunter Shipbuilders, Wallsend-on-Tyne
Laid Down: R 05 HMS Invincible
R 06 HMS Illustrious
R 07 HMS Ark Royal
20th July 1973
7th October 1976
14th December 1978
Launched: R 05 HMS Invincible
R 06 HMS Illustrious
R 07 HMS Ark Royal
3rd May 1977
1st December 1978
2nd June 1981
Commissioned: R 05 HMS Invincible
R 06 HMS Illustrious
R 07 HMS Ark Royal
11th July 1980
20th June 1982
1st November 1985
Displacement: 20,600 tons Full Load
Length (OA): 685 ft 8 in ( 209.1 m )
Beam: 118 ft ( 36.0 m )
Draft: 26 ft (8.0 m )
Armament: 3 x 30 mm 7 barrelled Signaal / GE Gatling Goalkeeper CIWS 
3 x 20 mm 6 barrel GE Vulcan Phalanx CIWS (R 07)
2 x 20 mm Oerlikon / BMARC anti-aircraft guns
Countermeasures: 8 x Sea Gnat 6 barrelled launchers
Prairie Masker noise suppression system
Propulsion: 4 Rolls Royce Olympus TM3B gas turbines 97200 hp,
4 Rolls Royce Tyne gas turbines 10680 hp
Maximum Speed: 28 knots
Complement: 685 Ships Officers & Crew
366 Air Group Officers and Aircrew
Flight Deck Dimensions: 550 ft ( 167.8 m ) by 44 ft 4 ins ( 13.5 m )
Aircraft: 8 x BAe Sea Harrier FA 2
8 x BAe Harrier GR 7
2 x Westland Merlin HM Mk 1
4 x Westland Sea King AEW 2
Disposal:: R 05 HMS Invincible
R 06 HMS Illustrious
R 07 HMS Ark Royal
Scrapped in Turkey 2011
Scrapped in Turkey 2013
(Statistical information from Jane's Fighting Ships 2003 Edition)

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