P710 RN Albion Class Assault Ship

HMS Albion L-14, HMS Bulwark L-15

HMS Albion

HMS Bulwark
Length Height Weight Packaging
5.75 in (14.6 cm) 1.37 in (3.5 cm) 99 gm (3.45 oz) Window Box

These are the Tri-ang Minic Ships models of the Albion Class Landing Platform Dock (LPD) commissioned by the Royal Navy in 2003 to replace the aging existing LPD's HMS Fearless and HMS Intrepid.

Tri-ang Minic Ships produces individual models of both ships – HMS Albion L14 and HMS Bulwark L15 – complete with appropriate Pennant Numbers, Flight Deck Markings and Deck Codes.

The ships are similar in configuration to HMS Fearless with a well dock and stern gate as well as side access. They have landing spots for two helicopters and are capable of operating both the Merlin EH 101 and Chinook helicopter. The ships can operate either 4 LCU Mk 10 Landing Craft or 2 LCAC docking modules as well as 4 LCVP Mk 5 Landing Craft which are carried on davits.

They have large combined operations rooms with substantial Command & Control facilities and are capable of carrying 710 troops and 67 vehicles in an overload condition.

The model is marked on the underside with the Tri-ang Minic logo, the model number P 710, "Royal Navy Modern Edition", and the description "Albion Class Assault Ship".


Ships in Class: L 14 HMS Albion
L 15 HMS Bulwark
Builders: BAE Systems, Barrow-in-Furness
Laid Down: L 14 HMS Albion
L 15 HMS Bulwark
23rd May 1998
27th January 2000
Launched: L 14 HMS Albion
L 15 HMS Bulwark
9th March 2001
15th November 2001
Commissioned: L 14 HMS Albion
L 15 HMS Bulwark
19th June 2003
10th December 2004
Displacement: 19,560 tons Full Load
Length (OA): 577 ft 5 ins ( 176.0 m )
Beam: 98 ft 1 in ( 29.9 m )
Draft: 22 ft ( 6.7 m )
Armament: 2 x 30 mm 7 barrelled Signaal / GE Gatling Goalkeeper CIWS 
2 x 20 mm Oerlikon / BMARC anti-aircraft guns
Countermeasures: 8 x Sea Gnat 6 barrelled launchers
DLH offboard decoys
Propulsion: 2 Wartsila Vasa 16V 32LNE Diesel Generators 17000 hp
2 Wartsila Vasa 4R 32LNE Diesel Generators 4216 hp
Maximum Speed: 20 knots
Complement: 325 Ships Officers & Crew
305 Officers & Troops
(710 Officers & Troops - overload)
Aircraft: 3 x Westland Merlin EH 101
Capable of operating Chinook
Disposal: In service
(Statistical information from Jane's Fighting Ships 2003 Edition)

HMS Albion Crown Copyright

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