P 850 - USS Vandegrift FFG 48

Length Height Weight Packaging
4.5 in (11.5 cm) 1.2 in (3.05 cm) 25 gm (0.9 oz) Blister Pack

This is the Tri-ang Minic Ships model of USS Vandegrift FFG 48 a Flight III Long Hull variant ship of the US Navy's Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigates named for General Alexander A Vandegrift the 18th Commandant of the US Marine Corps.

The Oliver Hazard Perry class, also known as the FFG-7 class (often pronounced as "Fig Seven"), is named for Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry who defeated the British Navy at the Battle of Lake Erie during the Anglo American War of 1812.

The FFG-7 class frigates were designed by Bath Iron Works of Maine and New York based naval architects Gibbs & Cox as a total warfare system capable of operating independently or as an integral part of a carrier or surface action group. They were purchased by the US Navy during the 1970s and 1980s as general purpose escorts which were capable enough to perform most tasks adequately while being cheap enough to be purchased in large quantities to replace aging World War II era destroyers and, although costs rose dramatically over the production run, all 50 ships planned for the US Navy were eventually built.

FFG-7 class frigates were built in two variants the 445-foot Flight I "Short Hull" ships, which operate the less capable SH-2 Seasprite helicopter, and the 453-foot Flight III "Long Hull" ships (FFG 8, 28, 29, 32, 33, 36-61), which operate the SH-60 Seahawk LAMPS III helicopter. The principal difference between the variants is the location of the aft capstan which on Flight III Long Hull ships is located a step below the level of the flight deck in order to clear the tail rotor of the longer Seahawk helicopter. FFG 8, 29, 32, and 33 were built as Flight I Short Hull ships but later modified into Flight III Long Hull ships. The Flight III ships are also equipped with the RAST (Recovery Assist Securing and Traversing) system, a variant of a hook and winch, which can reel in a Seahawk in flight and expands the pitch and roll envelope in which flight operations are permitted.

Powered by two gas turbine engines, which are more cost effective than steam or diesel propulsion, the ships are able to reach speeds in excess of 25 knots . These advanced propulsion systems and the electrical power plant are computer controlled and monitored to ensure a smooth running and efficient system. With the gas turbine engines providing full power five minutes after start up the ships are able to get underway quickly and the ability to rapidly change operating modes makes them more maneuverable.

To reduce operating costs the US Navy's active Flight III ships are being fitted with modern Caterpillar diesel electrical generators to replace the original Detroit units and the forward Mk 13 single arm missile launchers are being removed because the Standard SM-1MR missile it is meant to fire has outlived its service life. To improve their defensive capabilities the ships CIWS are being updated to Block 1B, allowing the Mk 15 20mm Phalanx gun to shoot fast-moving surface craft and helicopters, and they are also being fitted with the Mk 53 DLS Nulka missile decoy system, which is better than chaff and flares at guarding against anti-ship missiles.

The model is marked on the underside with the Tri-ang Minic logo, "US Navy Series", model number P 850, and the description "O H Perry  Class Frigate".


Name: USS Vandegrift FFG-48
Assignment: US Third Fleet
Carrier Strike Group 11 (CSG-11)
Destroyer Squadron 23 (DESRON 23)
Home Port: Naval Base San Diego, California

Todd Pacific Shipyards Corporation, Seattle, Washington
Laid Down:: 13th October 1981

15th October 1982

24th November 1984

4,100 tons Full Load
Length (OA): 453 ft (148.1 m)

45 ft (13.7 m)


22 ft (6.7 m)

1 x OTO Melara Mk 75 76 mm/62 caliber naval gun
2 x Mk 32 12.75 inch triple torpedo tubes - Mark 46 torpedoes
1 x 20 mm 6 barrel GE Vulcan Phalanx CIWS
4 x .50-cal (12.7 mm) machine guns
1 x Mk 13 Mod 4 single-arm launcher with 40 round magazine for -
Harpoon anti-ship missiles; and
SM-1MR Standard anti-ship/air missiles

AN/SLQ32A(V)3 Electronic Warfare Suite

2 x General Electric LM2500-30 gas turbines generating 41,000 shp
(31 MW) through a single shaft and variable pitch propeller
Maximum Speed: 29+ knots (54+ km/h)
Complement: 205 Ships Company - Officers & Crew
Aircraft: 2 x SH-60B Seahawk LAMPS III Helicopters
Disposal: In Service
Ships in Class: USS Oliver Hazard Perry FFG 7
USS McInerney FFG 8
USS George Philip FFG 12
USS Sides FFG 14
USS Boone FFG 28
USS Stephen W. Groves FFG 29
USS Stark FFG 31
USS John L. Hall FFG 32
USS Jarrett FFG 33
USS Aubrey Fitch FFG 34
USS Underwood FFG 36
USS Crommelin FFG 37
USS Curts FFG 38
USS Doyle FFG 39
USS Halyburton FFG 40
USS McClusky FFG 41
USS Klakring FFG 42
USS Thach FFG 43
USS Dewert FFG 45
USS Rentz FFG 46
USS Nicholas FFG 47
USS Vandegrift FFG 48
USS Robert G. Bradley FFG 49
USS Taylor FFG 50
USS Gary FFG 51
USS Carr FFG 52
USS Hawes FFG 53
USS Ford FFG 54
USS Elrod FFG 55
USS Simpson FFG 56
USS Reuben James FFG 57
USS Samuel B. Roberts FFG 58
USS Kauffman FFG 59
USS Rodney M. Davis FFG 60
USS Ingraham FFG 61

Ships transferred to Allies -

USS Wadsworth FFG 9 *
USS Duncan FFG 10 *
USS Clark FFG 11 *
USS Samuel Eliot Morison FFG 13 *
USS Estocin FFG 15 *
USS Clifton Sprague FFG 16 *
USS John A. Moore FFG 19 *
USS Antrim FFG 20 *
USS Flatley FFG 21 *
USS Fahrion FFG 22 *
USS Lewis B. Puller FFG 23 *
USS Jack Williams FFG 24 *
USS Copeland FFG 25 *
USS Gallery FFG 26 *
USS Mahlon S. Tisdale FFG 27 *
USS Reid FFG 30 *

Ships built for Australia

FFG 17 HMAS Adelaide (FFG 01)
FFG 18 HMAS Canberra (FFG 02)
FFG 35 HMAS Sydney (FFG 03)
FFG 44 HMAS Darwin (FFG 04)
(Statistical information from Jane's Fighting Ships 2003 Edition)

Photograph of USS Vandegrift - Courtesy US Navy

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