S 860 US Navy Minesweeper Set

P 860 Avenger Class MCMV & P 865 Aggressive / Acme Class MSO

S 860 - US Navy Minesweeper Set P 860 Avenger Class P 865 - Aggressive / Acme Class
Length Height Weight Package
P 860 2.24 in (5.7 cm)
P 865 1.73 in (4.4 cm)
P 860 1.2 in (3 cm)
P 865 1 in (2.5 cm)
P 860 10 gm (0.35 oz)
P 865 7 gm (0.25 oz)
Blister Card

This is the Tri-ang Minic Ships set of US Navy Minesweepers containing models of an Avenger Class Mine Counter Measures Vessel and an Aggressive / Acme Class Mine Sweeper.

Aggressive / Acme Class Minesweepers -

The Aggressive / Acme class minesweepers were the largest all-wood warships in the U.S. Navy with a hull designed by Philip L. Rhodes using a hull form that was adapted from the WW2 YMS class minesweepers. The hull design was so strong that the last ships of the basic design, known as the Ability Class, were lengthened from 171 feet to 190 feet.

To minimize the magnetic signature of the vessels all of the machinery, fittings and other metal components were made of non-ferrous / non-magnetic materials such as copper, aluminium and stainless steel. They were also fitted with an advanced variable degaussing system which could compensate automatically for variations of the ships position in relation to the earth's magnetic field due to roll and pitch as well as due to course changes.

Originally fitted with UQS-1 minesweeping equipment, which was later upgraded to the AN/SQQ-14 Mine Counter Measures sonar system, they were capable of sweeping for moored / bottom contact, magnetic and acoustic mines. These were among the most complex and innovative ships in the US Navy at that time and at a price of approximately US $ 3.5 million per ship in the 1950's their cost per ton was matched only by the cost of submarines.

The US Navy's mine warfare strategy at this time was designed around a European war scenario which relied heavily on NATO allies to participate substantially in mine warfare operations and many of the one hundred Aggressive / Acme class minesweepers were built under the Mutual Defense Assistance Program for transfer to NATO allies including France (15), the Netherlands (6); Portugal (4); Belgium (5); Norway (2); and Italy (4). While most of these vessels have been "paid off" from their original service many of them have been transferred to other navies where they are still in service today.

While two ships of these ships, USS Acme and USS Affray, were decommissioned by the US Navy in the mid-1970s USS Adroit MSO 509 was deployed to the Persian Gulf during the Gulf War in 1991 together with two Aggressive class minesweepers, USS Impervious MSO 449 and USS Leader MSO 490, and the new Avenger class mine counter measures vessel, USS Avenger MCM 1.

Avenger Class Mine Counter Measures Vessels -

The Avenger class mine counter measures vessels are constructed of wood covered with Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) sheathing and are the largest US Navy minesweepers built to date as well as being the first minesweepers to be built in the USA for 27 years.

Designed as mine hunter / killers the Avenger class are capable of locating, classifying and destroying both moored and bottom mines of all known and projected types including magnetic, acoustic, and contact mines. Fitted with sophisticated sonar and video systems these ships use precise navigation to map and clear minefields using Remote Operated Vehicles (ROVs), cable cutters, and special mine detonating devices as well as traditional sweeping equipment.

The vital importance of a state-of-the-art mine countermeasures force was highlighted in the Persian Gulf during the eight years of the Iran-Iraq war, and underscored during the Gulf War in 1990 / 1991 when USS Avenger MCM 1 was deployed on mine counter measures operations in company with three 30 year old Aggressive / Acme class minesweepers.

The models are marked on the underside with the Tri-ang Minic logo, "US Navy Series", the model number, and the description "Avenger Class MCMV" OR "Acme Class MCMV" respectively.

Specifications - Acme Class

Ships in Class: USS Acme - MSO 508
USS Adroit- MSO 509
USS Advance - MSO 510
USS Affray - MSO 511
Builders: Frank L. Sample Shipyard, Boothbay Harbor, Maine
Laid Down:: 16th November 1954
Launched: 23rd June 1955
Commissioned: 27th September 1956
Displacement: 900 tons Full Load
Length (OA): 173 ft (52.7 m)
Beam: 35 ft (10.7 m)
Draft: 14 ft (4.3 m)
Armament: 2 x .50-cal twin machine guns
Electronic Systems: SPS-53E or L Radar SQQ-14 Minehunting sonar
Mine Countermeasures Suite: Magnetic/Acoustic Influence Minesweeping Gear,
Oropesa Type Mechanical Sweep Equipment,
Magnetometer Degaussing System.
Propulsion: 2 x General Motors diesel engines delivering 2,800 hp to drive two shafts fitted with copper propellers
Maximum Speed: 14 knots (26 km/h)
Complement: 80 Ships Company - Officers and Crew
Disposal: Stricken 1976
(Statistical information from Jane's Fighting Ships 2003 Edition)

Specifications - Avenger Class

Ships in Class: USS Avenger - MCM 1
USS Defender - MCM 2
USS Sentry - MCM 3
USS Champion - MCM 4
USS Guardian - MCM 5
USS Devastator - MCM 6
USS Patriot - MCM 7
USS Scout - MCM 8
USS Pioneer - MCM 9
USS Warrior - MCM 10
USS Gladiator - MCM 11
USS Ardent - MCM 12
USS Dextrous - MCM 13
USS Chief - MCM 14
Builders: Peterson Shipbuilders Co., Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.
Laid Down:: 8th May 1985
Launched: 20th June 1987
Commissioned: 16th December 1989
Displacement: 1,367 tons Full Load
Length (OA): 224 ft (68.3 m)
Beam: 39 ft (11.9 m)
Draft: 13 ft (4.0 m)
Armament: 2 x M2HB .50-cal machine guns,
2 x M60 7.62 mm machine guns,
2 x MK19 grenade launchers
Electronic Systems: AN/SSN-2 Precise Integrated Navigation System (PINS),
AN/SQQ-32 Mine Hunting Sonar,
AN/SPS-55 Surface Radar,
AN/WSN-2 Gyro Compass
Mine Countermeasures Suite: AN/SLQ-48 (V) Mine Neutralization System,
AN/SQL-37 (V) 3 Magnetic/Acoustic Influence Minesweeping Gear,
Oropesa type 0 size 1 Mechanical Sweep Equipment,
MDG 1701 Marconi Magnetometer Degaussing System.
Propulsion: 4 x Waukesha Motors Co. diesel engines,
2 x controllable/reversible pitch propellers,
2 x rudders,
2 x light-load electric motors;
Maximum Speed: 14 knots (26 km/h)
Complement: 6 officers and 75 enlisted
Disposal: In Service
(Statistical information from Jane's Fighting Ships 2003 Edition)

Photograph of USS Avenger - Courtesy US Navy

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